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Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard - Image 1
Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard - Image 2
Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard - Image 3
Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard - Image 4
Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard - Image 5

Yamaha PSRE363UK Portable Electronic Keyboard

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The perfect keyboard for beginners or musicians on a budget, the 61 key PSRE363 combines innovative learning functions with high-quality professional features. The PSRE363 portable keyboard includes Yamaha's signature Y.E.S. learning suite that is specially designed to get you playing your favourite songs in no time! You will be able to practice the songs stored in the keyboard through innovative and fun methods such as listening, waiting and timing. The instrument teaches you to understand how to build chords which is important when learning to play songs or accompanying others. The lessons are easy to follow on the LCD screen. You can also connect a USB to Host input, allowing you to use the instrument for MIDI communication, as well as an AUX port In to plug in your music player. There are 150 different Arpeggio types to choose from, allowing you to play even the most complex pieces with ease. Not only that, but this instrument will truly advance and enhance your performance effortlessly. When you plug in your music player through the AUX In, by the use of Melody Suppressor, you can also eliminate the vocal parts that you can either play or sing yourself. This definitely works well also if you are an entertainer. Includes 574 voices and 165 preset styles.

  • 61 note touch sensitive keys
  • 574 voices, 165 styles & 154 preset songs on board
  • All new Yamaha Education Suite lesson function with key to success and Touch Tutor function
  • USB-To-Host connection for connection to a computer
  • Compatibility with Apps for iPad, iPhone & IPod Touch


Product Information

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Release Date: 2017-06-30
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the day of purchase
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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