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Rycote 055370 Mini Windjammer for Zoom H2 - Image 1

Rycote 055370 Mini Windjammer for Zoom H2

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Rycote Mini WJ for Audio Recorder Suitable for Zoom H2Windshield Rating: MEDIUMRycote's Mini Windjammer range has expanded tremendously in recent years with the introduction of compact slip-on fur windjammers for the growing numbers of portable handheld digital recorders as used by journalists podcasters and broadcasters everywhere. These devices are now available in such a range of shapes sizes and types (mono and stereo) that slightly different custom Windjammer designs are needed for each one; over a dozen types are currently available. If you want to make professional-quality recordings outdoors for TV radio or film use on a handheld recorder get yourself one of our Mini Windjammers.Product variationsPart No. 055369 Marantz PMD 620 Suitable for Marantz PMD 620 055387 Marantz PMD 661 Suitable for Marantz PMD 661 055398* Olympus LS 10 / LS 11* *New improved design. Suitable for Olympus LS 10 & LS 11 055366 Olympus DS 30/40/50 Suitable for Olympus DS 30/40/50 055395 Olympus DM 450 / 550 Suitable for Olympus DM 450 / 550 055363 Sony PMW EX1 Suitable for Sony PMW EX1 055365 Sony PCM D50 Suitable for Sony PCM D50 055391 Sony PCM M10 Suitable for Sony PCM M10 055385 Sony HDR FX1000 Suitable for Sony HDR FX1000 055386 M-Audio Micro Track II Suitable for M-Audio Micro Track II 055388 Maycom Handheld II Recorder Suitable for Maycom Handheld II Recorder 055370 Zoom H2 Suitable for Zoom H2 055355 Zoom H4 / Nagra Ares M Suitable for Zoom H4 / Nagra Ares M 055374 Zoom H4N Suitable for Zoom H4N 055372 Edirol R09 Suitable for Edirol R09 055371 Tascam DR1 Suitable for Tascam DR1 055384 Tascam DR100 Suitable for Tascam DR100 055399 Tascam DR08 Suitable for Tascam DR08 055393 Tascam DR2D Suitable for Tascam DR2D 055397 Yamaha Pocket Track G2 Suitable for Yamaha Pocket Track G2 055404 Yamaha Pocket Track C24 Suitable for Yamaha Pocket Track C24 055405 Yamaha Pocke

  • Made specifically to fit over the Zoom H2 portable recorder
  • Excellent wind noise reduction when shooting outdoors
  • Up to 10 dB wind noise reduction with minimal high frequency loss
  • Easy to slip on synthetic fur cover manufactured from the same high-quality, sound transparent fur material used on other Rycote professional products
  • Perfect for use in recording interviews, ambient sound or nature settings


Product Information

  • Brand: Rycote
  • Color: Grey
  • Release Date: 2014-07-10
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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