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London College Of Music: Piano Handbook 2018 - Step 1 - Sheet Music - Image 1

London College Of Music: Piano Handbook 2018 - Step 1 - Sheet Music

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London College Of Music’s 2018–2020 Piano syllabus gives more choice to learners than ever before. With exam options to suit every individual and a wide selection of performable repertoire at each grade, LCM is committed to enabling everyone to learn and play the music they enjoy. LCM’s three pre-Grade 1 exams encourage the development of good technique and an awareness of many different musical genres. Care has been taken to ensure that the material in these handbooks forms an appealing progression from Pre-Preparatory level­ up to Grade 1 — mixing arrangements of popular melodies and folk songs with original compositions in a variety of styles. The pieces in this handbook have been written and arranged by the leading educational composer Heather Hammond, co-author of publications such as the Get Set! Piano (Collins), The Intermediate Pianist (Faber) and writer of many popular pieces on current and previous LCM syllabuses.

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