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ISOLATE® MiNi Earplugs - Revolutionary Aerospace Aluminium Ear Protectors / Ear Plugs / Ear Protection - Image 1

ISOLATE® MiNi Earplugs - Revolutionary Aerospace Aluminium Ear Protectors / Ear Plugs / Ear Protection

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Patent-Pending Technology - UK Patent Application No. 1616129.1 - ISOLATE® comes complete with Extra Small, Small and Medium EARFOAMS® and a Flare carry pouch. - Replacement EARFOAMS® are available separately in packs of three pairs on Amazon - EARFOAMS® Extra Small = 9mm diameter, EARFOAMS® Small = 11mm diameter - EARFOAMS® Medium = 13mm diameter. - Quotes from famous users: "FLARE is a fairly new name in the Audio world. In the space of two months I have used two of their very unique products. The Isolate Ear Protectors are the best ear plugs I've ever used, great for air travel and very loud concerts!" - Tony Visconti (Producer - David Bowie, Kaiser Chiefs, Iggy Pop). - "These are bl**** genius! LONG LIVE EARS... #besmart" Glen Rowe: Tour Director Muse. - "I'm wearing the ISOLATE® ear protectors now. They're bl**** incredible! Perfect for the tour bus / flights. You guys have filled a hole in the market!" Peredur Ap Gwynedd: Guitarist Pendulum / Faithless.

  • MiNi version of our revolutionary ear plug technology, perfect for long periods of use including blocking the loudest snoring - LONG LIVE EARS®
  • Ideal for sleeping, listening to Loud Music, Traveling, Working, Motorcycling, Motorsports and much more
  • Replaceable EARFOAMS® (3 Pairs in 3 sizes are included) - Flare carry pouch - Ideal Ear Protection / Ear Defenders - Correct fitment is essential in order to achieve full sound attenuation
  • Traditional foam or plastic ear protectors try to absorb sound which allows low frequencies to enter your ears which creates mud/muffle on your ear drums - ISOLATE® blocks sound including low frequencies for the first ever time enabling an improved music experience and peace and quiet from other loud noises
  • ISOLATE® - Made in England / CE Certified to BSEN 352-2-2002 - SNR35 - Independently reviewed on Headfonics (scored of 9.1/10) see more expert reviews on Google


Product Information

  • Brand: Flare By isolate
  • Color: natural
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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