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Extreme FX 5 Litre Bubble Fluid - Image 1
Extreme FX 5 Litre Bubble Fluid - Image 2
Extreme FX 5 Litre Bubble Fluid - Image 3

Extreme FX 5 Litre Bubble Fluid

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Bubble Fluid is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and formulated for Universal use with most makes of bubble machines. This Fluid produces lightweight bubbles that are longer lasting compared to other brands. Our fluid produces long, continues streams of bubbles with beautiful colours and sparkles. This product has been tested using most types of machines from you kids bubble machine right up to your high end professional machines (may not work in Bubble Guns and non-electrical bubble machines) Our fluid gives 100% output NO WASTED BUBBLES You have our promise that this is the best bubble fluid on the market. (This product is not suitable for any bubble sticks or any battery operated bubble machines)

  • 100% Bubble Output
  • No Waste
  • Designed to be used in most machines from kids' Bubble Machines up to professional machines
  • Low residue fluid
  • Highest quality Bubble Fluid on the market


Product Information

  • Brand: Extreme FX
  • Color: Clear
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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