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Di Box Direct Injection Box

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Converts HIGH impedance input to LOW Impedance (LOW Z) output - plug in your guitar or bass and match it correctly (and safely) to your mixer/recorder/preamp's microphone inputs. You can eliminate that dull, low level, lifeless sound without micing up that loud amplifier! Also converts the unbalanced input to a balanced output = longer cable runs with no hum/buzz /RFI interference and better signal quality! Output is via XLR to interface easily with your mixing desk/recorder/preamp. 1/4" Jack Input with 1/4" jack loop through - plug in with normal guitar lead and tap of the loop to your amplifier on stage and (correctly) send the LOW Z XLR Output to the PA/mixing desk/recorder. Ground lift switch - to safely eliminate noisy earth loops on stage and in the studio. Passive transformer design - No power whatsoever is needed to operate this neat little box and it safely electrically isolates you from the output. Professional quality construction with all steel case finished in black, unit also has rubber feet.

  • Passive mono DI box
  • Ground lift switch
  • Jack input loop through
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Fast dispatch from UK when purchased from 1NOTE


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